Cornerstone 2020 Vision

It is our vision to be a model urban Christian school where students are grounded in faith, shaped with Christ-like character, and equipped with knowledge and skills to excel in high school, college, and throughout life. Toward fulfillment of that vision, we continually challenge ourselves by setting and revising school improvement strategic goals.

Currently, the following school improvement goals are set:

  • Cornerstone will be a Responsive Classroom School
  • Cornerstone will be a Curriculum-Driven School
  • Cornerstone will be a Technologically Proficient School
  • Cornerstone will be a High-Performing School
  • Cornerstone will be a Fiscally Sustainable School

Toward fulfillment of the Cornerstone 2020 Vision the following priorities are being pursued:

  1. Academic Advancement
    1. Advance schoolwide integration of Responsive Classroom strategies and skills

    2. Develop proficiency in student assessment administration, data evaluation, and instructional planning

    3. Advance social and emotional learning (SEL)

    4. Commit to effective teacher professional development

    5. Advance school-wide health, wellness, and safety initiatives

  2. School Growth and Sustainability
    1. Support academic excellence with strong financial planning and support

    2. Increase donor and volunteer investment and participation

    3. Staff for growth and sustainability

    4. Recruit, develop, and sustain outstanding administrators, teachers, and staff

  3. Campus and Facility Stewardship
    1. Insure campus-wide student, staff, and visitor safety and security

    2. Complete campus-wide master plan for capital improvements

    3. Improve campus and facility signage

    4. Advance respect for and care of school property and equipment